Who We Are and What we do

"The 'Truly Passionate & Skilled' is what Global Enterprises Need The Most to Succeed." Prodentify provides the Platform for that!

Prodentify is a boutique setup of highly passionate talent experts who specialize in consulting enterprises and institutions on their recruiting needs at the C & Leadership levels, typically involving positions that entail roles such as:

  • Chief Executive - CEO/President/Managing Director/Country Manager/Partner

  • Function Leader - COO/CFO/CTO/Chief Product Officer/Chief Marketing Officer/Head of Sales/Head of Business Excellence/Head of Quality/Head of Enterprise Systems

  • Business Head

  • Area Leader - Taxation, Enterprise Risk, Ethics & Compliance, Technical Architecture, Organizational Development, Talent Acquisition, Legal, Strategy 

  • Leader of Strategic Functions - R&D and Innovation/Digital/New Markets/Investor Relations/Regulatory Affairs 

Besides recruitment consulting, we also provide value-adding services viz.:

  • Intelligence & Research

  • Discreet Reference Check

  • Bespoke Pre-offer Assessments, and

  • Outplacement

Founded by experienced professionals who have led key roles at leading firms in the Recruitment Process Outsourcing and Technology domains in India, our core aim at Prodentify is “Wowing Customers with Agility and Quality” – where the customer does not refer only to our end clients, but equally so the talent community that forms our supply aspect. Simple, but to the point – “Wowing Customers with Agility and Quality”!

Our Key Differentiators are:

  • Agile Service Levels - tell us about a bigger differentiation in our business!

  • Specialization Led Quality - selective and strong domain & business focus

  • Boutique Business Approach - not here to do everything for everyone!

  • Rock Solid Customer Engagement – we don't know another way to succeed!

Ask us for further details of our specialties and case studies @ info@prodentify.com.

Talent FIRST!

Talent First, Customers Second!

No, boss!! We are in the business because of the amazing talent pool by our side. And our customers partner with us because of the very same. Hence, talent scores 2 out of 4 in the game! :)


No wonder, we have over 25% of our candidates directly engaged with us for their career search needs and not based on some already existing demand with us!

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